What IF

What if Titanic was built in the 2000’s instead of 1900’s?

In a dream world what would the titanic be like? Could a Titanic built in the 2000 be able to survive an iceberg?

Come with me on this journey of dreams. My first images of what the Titanic would look like would be its technology and luxury. Of course in first class we would see Luiviton and Gucci and Channel but that is fashion. What about Technology?

In order to know this we would have to know what technology is luxurious today. So, we would see expensive televisions, bathrooms, luxury chandeliers, gold plated trimmings, ipad, ipod clocks, television services like HULU, NETFLIX and cable stations. Technology hookups are endless. Even a few companies are working with holograms for customer service. The Disney cruise line has even huge water slide, turning this large boat into a small amusement park.

One location where I like to visit to learn a lot about technology is planetxelectron.com. They have several articles about good technology. One being the top 3 televisions for the perfect bedroom. These televisions will not break the budget and will be luxurious for the room.


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