What You always wanted to Know

Every now and then I come across some websites that Ithink how this could not have been done before. One of those websites is

Where do things come from

They are a websitquest answers questions that begIn with where do. This is a wonderful website. I believe that you should check it out.

An example of questions they answer is Where do peanuts come from. It’s amazing the growing history the peanuts goes through. I wish I had a picture to show you because it rather disgusting


What is Up with the FDA

You know an interesting piece of news came across my desk today. It was about how the FDA is still allowing factories to continue using BPA in and around products.

In case you didn’t know. BPA has been linked to several studies indicating that the chemical causes harm to humans.Recently a study came out saying that high levels of exposure can lead to problems during pregnancy.

This has got to stop. Now I am not sure why the FDA did what they did. Actually I could care less about the reasons why. We just need to get them to approve a ban on this product before it get links to more serious illness.

There is a website that is trying to help with this effect. They are mostly an agenda type of website where they want you to get the word out about the effects of BPA. They specialize in BPA Free Water Bottles and you can support them by buying a water bottle from one of the respectful companies they recommend.

Remember it is up to us to get the FDA to see these issue. Please call your senators and representatives to pass laws banning BPA.