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Over the last few years, I have really been trying to find a site with good Quotes from Titanic. Since the IMDB website was over crowed, I created my own to fill the gaps. Over the course of a few months of creating my own site, I officially opened up Titanic Quotes.

The website is very simple, which was the plan; to be easier to use then the IMDB website. To make it easier for a guest to view the site, the quotes are organized into categories. For example, Funny, Love and Hope. It is divided into these categories because Titanic is Funny at times and is much about Love. Hope was added to give a message to anyone that may be going though a tough time and is using this film to help them pick them selves back up and surprisingly this film has several messages about hope in it,

There is a new section that will be all about the actual Titanic. This information was researched before creating the film and so this section is all about history. The first topic deals with Where did the titanic sink and its current location. In the film this is what the divers first had to know and were also searching for. So, it seems fitting that this b be the first article. Please go check it out.